About Us



In the 1990’s, 2 other clubs merged with WASTA to make it the largest club in NY, south of the Thruway, with approximately 200 miles of trails. With these mergers the club now covers Oneida and Madison counties.  Solsville, Brookfield, Bridgewater, Deansboro, and Kirkland are some of the destinations on our trail system. Because we cover such a vast area, we decided in 2006 to change the name to CNY Snow Travelers, to more accurately reflect who we are.


Most of our trails are shared with cross country skiers, hikers, snowshoers, and horseback riders.


Our trails are groomed in the winter by 3 class A groomers and drags; 1 is eight-foot wide and 2 are ten-foot wide, as well as a Polaris work sled with a 4-foot wide drag.

Other Equipment

For year round signing and maintenance, the club has 2 John Deere Gators, a Polaris six wheeler, chainsaws and other hand tools. Our members volunteer the use of their dozers, backhoes, dump trucks and other heavy equipment for building and maintaining trails.


Since the majority of snowmobile trails in NY State are on private property, the landowner is the backbone of any trail system. Use of private property is a privilege, not a right! Landowners that allow trails on their property are covered by the General Obligations Law. The club works with the landowners to create the best trails possible, while minimizing the inconvenience to the landowner. The club clearly marks where snowmobile traffic is allowed. Gates and no wheeled vehicle signs are put up at the request of the landowner.


As well as building and maintaining a trail system, our club conducts a youth and adult safety course each year at our clubhouse. Education and communication are done through our website, newsletters, and our monthly meetings.


The club hosts fundraisers throughout the year to help offset our cost of operation. Our biggest fundraiser in the past was the John Albert Memorial Classic Snowmobile Show and Chicken BBQ held each February. John was a past president of our club and one of the founding fathers of the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA). The show was one of the largest classic sled shows in the state. Our biggest fundraiser now is a Harley Davidson Raffle held from October to March.  See the Harley Raffle Page for details.


In 2006 the Snowmobile Rights and Responsibilities Act was signed into law. The object of SRRA is to promote safety and education, and increase the volunteer base of snowmobile clubs that maintain trail systems in NY. Snowmobilers that are members of a NYSSA recognized club will pay $45 for their yearly registration. Those that are not members must pay $100 for registration. Either way, the state takes $10 and the balance is returned to the clubs in trail funding.

You can take advantage of the savings for club members by joining now (click here to join CNY Snow Travelers Inc). We charge the state minimum to join, $25, which includes your NYSSA membership. Life memberships are available for $250. After becoming a life member, you only need to pay your $5 NYSSA dues each year.


Ride Safe and Respect Landowners.

See you on the trail!